Chiara Silvestri Dobrovolny

Meet Chiara Silvestri Dobrovolny

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Dr. Silvestri Dobrovolny is an Associate Research Scientist at the Roadside Safety and Physical Security Division at TTI. She holds a Laurea in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico of Milan, Italy, and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). She conducted her dissertation in LS-DYNA nonlinear finite element model simulation of impacts of the human lower limb for investigation of fracture mechanism during car crash events. In 2012 she started her research position at TTI and she has served since then as investigator on studies sponsored by FHWA and various state agencies.  Dr. Silvestri Dobrovolny specialized in the field of structures with an emphasis on occupant protection and highway safety.

Dr. Silvestri Dobrovolny has extensive experience in applied research dealing with the design, analysis, testing, and evaluation of highway safety appurtenances, and is well familiar with the impact performance guidelines presented in MASH. She has made contributions to the evaluation of a number of roadside safety devices, including guardrails, median barriers, guardrail/bridge rail transitions, guardrail end treatments and breakaway sign supports, and has developed guidelines for their use. She has co-authored more than 30 publications in this field and is currently serving as a member of Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee AFB20, “Roadside Safety Design”. Her active research includes finite element methods applied to different fields, from impact and structural mechanics to biomechanical applications.

Dr. Silvestri Dobrovolny also has a wide range of experience in the development, validation, and use of computer simulation in the design, analysis, and evaluation of highway safety appurtenances and roadside geometric features. Her research accomplishments include suggestion of selection, placement, crashworthy analysis and policy definition with regards to roadside barrier installation.

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