Ryan Stone – TRB Poster Session

TRB Student Poster Session

Ryan Stone - Professional Photo - Cropped-Updated

The ATLAS Center is providing funding for summer intern student, Ryan Stone, to travel to TRB’s Annual Meeting in Washington DC in January to present his poster Public Perceptions of Variable Speed Limits. Ryan, an Earth and Environmental Sciences undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, participated in the ATLAS Center’s Summer Intern Program, working last summer with Texas A&M’s Dr. Beverly Kuhn and Dr. Justin Yates. Ryan worked on a project that aimed to find out the public’s reaction to variable speed limits, which are designed to produce slow, safer vehicle speeds in order to reduce congestion. Ryan submitted his work to TRB and it was accepted for presentation after a peer-review process.

2015 TRB Conference – Washington D.C.

Ryan and Robert

Ryan and Robert Wunderlich – ATLAS Center at TTI Associate Director


Ryan and Melissa Tooley, Program Advisor, ATLAS Center at TTI at U-M’s TRB Reception

Take a look at his previous poster presentation video from the TTI Summer Intern Program:

Ryan Stone – Public Reception to Variable Speed Limits



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