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Safe transportation continues to be an important goal for our nation. US DOT’s emphasis on safety has contributed to decreasing motor-vehicle crash fatalities in the US. At the same time, fatalities remain unacceptably high, with 32,367 people killed in motor-vehicle crashes in 2011. Work to further reduce automotive crashes is clearly warranted. Highway crashes are the leading cause of death for people in the US age 4-34 and across the US in 2005, traffic fatalities led to in excess of $41 billion in direct medical and work loss costs. Consideration of lost productivity and other societal impacts of traffic crash related injuries further increases costs.

ATLAS Center activities are focused on helping to save the lives of all users of our surface transportation system. If you would like to help with these activities, you can help support our activities by giving a gift to the ATLAS Center.

If you are interested in supporting our activities, please contact:

David W. Eby, PhD
Director, ATLAS Center
Research Professor and Head of the Behavioral Sciences Group
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
Adjunct Research Professor, U-M Psychology Department
2901 Baxter Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2150
(p) 734-763-8107

The ATLAS Center is a collaboration between the University of Michigan (U-M) Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and Texas A&M Transportation Institute