Strategic Initiatives Program 2016

To take advantage of strategic and/or timely research opportunities, each ATLAS Center institution operates a Strategic Initiatives Program. Selected projects are not necessarily subjected to a full review by peers, but are of the highest quality as judged by external sponsors and/or the ATLAS Center leaders.


Robert Hampshire

Robert C. Hampshire
Assistant Research Professor

Project Title:Developing Michigan Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Models


Pedestrian and bicycle-involved crashes are an emphasis area of the traffic safety community.  Given the emphasis of non-motorized transportation at local, state and national level, there has been additional interest in further understanding pedestrian and bicyclist safety issues. Despite existing research and improvements, pedestrian and bicycle-involved crashes, injuries, and fatalities have remained relatively stable in Michigan.  Because of this, it is important to better identify those locations and attributes associated with locations that are most prone to such crashes.

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