Strategic Initiatives Program 2014

To take advantage of strategic and/or timely research opportunities, each ATLAS Center institution operates a Strategic Initiatives Program. Selected projects are not necessarily subjected to a full review by peers, but are of the highest quality as judged by external sponsors and/or the ATLAS Center leaders.


Melisa Finley1

Melisa Finley
Research Engineer

Project Title: Further Examination of Alcohol Impaired Closed-Course Driving Study Data

Abstract: Even though the majority of alcohol-impaired driving crashes occur at night, very little research has been conducted regarding the influence of alcohol on drivers at night. Recently, Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) researchers conducted a closed-course study in which participants drove a vehicle at four blood alcohol content (BAC) levels and completed standard field sobriety tests (SFSTs) at six BAC levels. Due to the limited scope of work on that project, all of the data collected could not be reduced and analyzed. For the project proposed herein, TTI researchers will further examine the existing dataset to better understand the effects of various BAC levels during nighttime driving conditions. This research addresses MAP-21 research priorities by filling knowledge gaps in the effects of alcohol, nighttime conditions and traffic control effectiveness by including human factors measures.

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