Final Reports

   Final Research Reports

Identifying Potential Workzone Countermeasures Using Connected Vehicle and Driving Data (PDF)

Older Adults’ Attitudes and Opinions about Automated Vehicles: A Literature Review (PDF)

Developing Michigan Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Models (PDF)

Investigating the Development of CMFs from Probability Analyses (PDF)

Using SHRP2-NDS Data to Investigate Freeway Operations, Human Factors, and Safety (PDF)

Using Vehicle Dynamics Simulation and Meta-models to Understand Factors and Mechanisms Affecting Roll Angle: An Initial Assessment (PDF)

Evaluating Curve Speed Behavior Using SHRP 2 Data (PDF)

Interpersonal Communication and Issues for Autonomous Vehicles (PDF)

Safety Impacts of Reduced Visibility in Inclement Weather (PDF)

Exploration of the SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Study Data to Identify Factors Related to the Selection of Freeway Ramp Design Speed (PDF)

Improving the Safety of Older Truck Drivers: Developing a Framework for Moving Forward (PDF)

Effects of High Levels of Obesity on Driver Seat Belt Fit (PDF)

Circadian Timing, Drowsy Driving, and Health Risk Behavior in Adolescent Drivers (PDF)


Is Age a Factor in Crashes at Channelized Right-Turn Lanes? An Exploration of Potential Relationships (PDF)



Older Driver Support System (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Template


Incorporating Driver Behaviors into Connected and Automated Vehicle Simulation (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Songchitruksa


Project Investigation on Correlation between Roadside Safety Hardware and Vehicle Safety Standards Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Chiara - Website


Improved Guidelines for Estimating the Highway Safety Manual Calibration Factors (PDF)

Lord Research Report Cover - Website Image


Investigating the Roles of Touchscreen and Physical Control Interface Characteristics on Driver Distraction and Multitasking Performance (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Ferris


Best Practices for Addressing Pedestrian Crashes on High-Speed Roadways (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Hudson


Development of a Statistical Method for Predicting Human Driver Decisions (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Flannagan


Touch-Screen Task-Element Times for Improving SAE Recommended Practice J2365: A First Proposal (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Paul Green


Risk-Taking Behaviors and Prefrontal Cortex Activity of Male Adolescents in the Presence of Peer Passengers during Simulated Driving: A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Study – Anuj Pradhan and Lisa Buckley (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Pradhan-Buckley


Impact of Alcohol on Lane Placement and Glance Patterns when Passing a Parked Active Law Enforcement Vehicle  – Melisa Finley (PDF)  

Research Report Cover - Melisa Finley


Predicting Driver Distraction Using Computed Occlusion Task Times: Estimation of Task Element Times and Distributions – Paul Green (PDF)

Research Report Cover - Final 2015 ATLAS Research


Identifying the Potential of Improved Heavy Truck Crashworthiness to Reduce Death and Injury for Truck Drivers – Chiara Silvestri Dobrovolny (TTI) and Daniel Blower (U-M) (PDF

Research Report Cover - ATLAS-2015-4



The ATLAS Center is a collaboration between the University of Michigan (U-M) Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and Texas A&M Transportation Institute