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Transportation Design Project Presentations

cclittle        EWRE Building

As part of their course curriculum, students from Lidia Kostyniuk’s (ATLAS Center Research Coordinator) CEE 470 – Introduction to Transportation Engineering – were asked to create transportation design project presentations that were presented in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) building on December 5.  Coming into the finals homestretch and before the holiday break, pizza and salad were a hit and provided by ATLAS Center.


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Wei Kit Chen, Julia Hanson, Trebecca McDonald and Jacob Sun presented “Analysis of Pedestrian Crossing on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor“.

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Brendon Junge and Alex Willets and their presentation “Analysis of Roundabout for Stadium and S. Industrial in Ann Arbor


Brendon Junge and Alex Willets enjoy lunch from ATLAS Center


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Lidia Kostyniuk, PhD



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