Presentations & Talks

The ATLAS Center disseminates information to other transportation professionals and stakeholders through presentations on safety research.  Most recently, the following talks and presentations were given or moderated by ATLAS Center staff:

  • Brewer, M. (2017). Refuge Areas for Drivers on Freeway Managed Lane Corridors. 96th TRB Annual Conference Poster Session, Washington, D.C. January.
  • Das, S., Brimley, B., Lindheimer, T., and Zupancich, M. Safety Impacts of Reduced Visibility in Inclement Weather. Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. January.
  • Eby, D.W. (2017). Early Stage Dementia and Driving Outcomes. TRB ANB60 HF Workshop on Cognitive Perspectives on Aging Driver Safety and Mobility. Washington, DC.
  • Gillette, G. (2017). The Impact of Precipitation on Freeway Free-Flow Conditions: Exploratory Analysis of Time Sensitivity. Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting Poster Session. Washington, D.C. January. 
  • Gillette, G. (2017). Pedestrian-Cyclist Interactions through Machine Vision. 20th Annual Texas A&M Student Research Week. College Station, TX. March. 
  • Green, P. (2017). Estimating Compliance with the NHTSA Visual-Manual Distraction Guidelines (workshop), IQPC HMI Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, April.
  • Hudson, J. (2017). Road Safety Audit Meeting on Pedestrians Crossing Mainlanes of 1- 35. Austin, Texas: TxDot, FHWA, City of Austin, TX.
  • Molnar, L.J & Eby, D.W. (2017). Exploring State-to-State Differences in Seat Belt Use: Cultural Variables. TRB Invited Session 457. Understanding Occupant Protection Device Use beyond Demographics. Washington, DC.
  • Molnar, L.J. (2016). Panel on Ensuring Mobility in a Diverse Society (Organizer and Moderator). UMTRI Transportation Safety Research Symposium. Ann Arbor, MI, October.
  • Suh, Y., and Ferris, T.K. (2016) The Impacts of Touchscreen and Physical Control Interface Characteristics on Driver Distraction and Attention Management. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 60th Annual Meeting. Washington, DC, September 19 – 23.
  • Suh, Y., Ferris, T. K., & Miles, J. D. (2016). On-Road Experiment with Distracted Drivers: The Effects of In-Vehicle Touchscreen on Visual Attention Management. 2016 Traffic Safety Conference Poster Session, College Station, TX.
  • Zhang. Y. (2017). Assessing Environmental Impacts of Ad-Hoc Truck Platooning on Multilane Freeways. Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting, Washington D.C. January.

The ATLAS Center is a collaboration between the University of Michigan (U-M) Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and Texas A&M Transportation Institute