Research Briefs

The ATLAS Center assists principal investigators in preparing one-page research summaries targeting practitioners with key findings and their application to the practice of providing transportation safety. Click each project title below to read its research brief.

Investigating the Roles of Touchscreen and Physical Control Interface Characteristics on Driver Distraction and Multitasking Performance
Thomas K. Ferris, Youngbo Suh, and Jeffrey D. Miles

Improved Guidelines for Estimating the Highway Safety Manual Calibration Factors
Dominique Lord, Srinivas Geedipally, and Mohammadali Shirazi

Best Practices for Addressing Pedestrian Crashes on High-Speed Roadways
Joan G. Hudson, Haotian Zhong, Maarit Moran, Vichika Iragavarapu, Vickie Vincent, Boya Dai

Development of a Statistical Method for Predicting Human Driver Decisions
Yaoyan Vincent Tan, Michael Elliott, and Carol Flannagan

Touch Screen Task-Element Times for Improving SAE Recommended Practice J2365: A First Proposal
Paul A. Green, Te-Ping Kang, and Brian Lin

Impact of Alcohol on Lane Placement and Glance Patterns when Passing a Parked Active Law Enforcement Vehicle
Melisa Finley

Predicting Driver Distraction Using Computed Occlusion Task Times: Estimation of Task Element Times and Distribution
Paul Green, Tessa Elwart, and Brian Lin

Identifying the Potential of Improved Heavy Truck Crashworthiness to Reduce Death and Injury for Truck Drivers
Chiara Silvestri Dobrolvolny, Nathan D. Schulz, Daniel Blower, and Marco Benedetti



The ATLAS Center is a collaboration between the University of Michigan (U-M) Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and Texas A&M Transportation Institute